GRANADÍR / Granadiersky pochod / Granadírmarš 
  This Slovak meal is often served at houses or at school dining rooms. It is also suitable for students, who live in student residence halls, due to the fact it is cheap and very easy to make. Julka likes it very much and feels happy that when Filip had tasted it for the first time he liked it too.
✔️Potatoes ✔️Pasta ✔️Onion ✔️Salt
  ✔️Milled paprika (sweet or spicy) ✔️Oil/Butter

– Peel the potatoes and chop them into squares (the smaller they will be the quicker they will be boiled) and boil them in water.
– Boil pasta (half of the potatoes amount because pasta increases its volume during cooking) classically in water.
– Fry chopped onion on oil on a pan and add salt.
– When onion will be ready add some milled paprika and mix.
– Add boiled potatoes and pasta and fry for a short time. Mix all the ingredients to let all the flavours merge together. And we are done! Serve warm.

 Usually, some sour food is added to granadír, for example dill or sour pickles, sour cabbage or lettuce. You can see sour red cabbage. Yummy!
 There are few recipes for granadír, some people add fatback, I was growing up with such a version. The food will be more juicy, if you add butter before the end of cooking. 😋🤗

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